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Wedding Couple Father and Bride
Wedding Ceremony Cake Tradition

Videos on DVD are available for Weddings and other events to preserve those precious moments.  All videos are taken with a digital video camera and copied to a computer in digital format to preserver quality.  The event can be divided into up to nine separate scenes for ease in viewing.  Several selections are available for the presentation.  The DVD is imprinted with a picture and relevant text.  The DVD case also contains a picture and information of your choice.

Don Botten is retired, so he is able to keep costs to a minimum.  More complicated DVDs are available at a price usually charged for competitor's ceremony only DVDs.  Many options are available and it is preferred to meet with the parties to view completed disks to arrange your best option.  We like to attend the rehearsal to make sure that the agenda and placement allow for the best views.

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