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    Don Botten develops web sites on servers that are reliable and fast acting.  Sites can be simple one page designs or may contain Active Server Pages to provide for complete business catalogs, databases, and interactive capability.   This interactive capability allows owners to update many of the elements of the site from their own computer.  Many script libraries are available to speed the process.   If you desire your own domain, or need a site location,  I can place it on a very good and cost effective server.  Each page is designed to be fast loading, even for dial-up viewers.  Contact me at db@botten.com

    I have also been able to effectively list sites on the search engines through appropriate meta files, proper titles, meaningful image text, and default page text.   Rates are low because I am retired and have very low overhead.

    Individual and group tutoring and computer setups are also available.  I can help you set up your XP or Vista computer and make it perform faster and more reliably.  Often a few tips will make your computing experience more enjoyable.  Contact me at db@botten.com

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